General Info about Manifolds

Literally, there are thousands of aftermarket car parts that can be bought in the market coupled with huge number of these items made intentionally to further increase the engine power. One part that a lot of car enthusiasts want to replace is the intake manifold but with so many varieties in the market, making a decision has become difficult. Basically, buying the incorrect fit for your car is quite easy and this will make you feel as if you have wasted your money.

So to prevent this sort of thing from happening on your end, make sure that you take into account the points discussed in the next paragraphs. Or you can also visit this site

It is without a doubt easy to replace intake manifold with a new one and it can benefit the car in a couple of ways. By considering to replace your car’s stock intake with an aluminum aftermarket part, it will help a lot in shedding weight from the engine for most of the stock intakes are made with heavy cast iron. Not just that, you can also choose your intake depending on the power, RPM range of engine, displacement and also, the weight, ratio, rear end. You will be able to improve the car’s performance when all these things combined.

The intake manifolds may be divided in 2 categories either single plane or dual plane, depending on how it is designed. In single plane intake manifold, this has open plenum which enables four barrels of the carburetor to feed the cylinders. The dual plane as what the name suggests has split plenum which is separated by divider wall and lets each side of the carburetor to feed the four cylinders. As a general rule, the dual plane intakes create better and improved low RPM torque but it is sacrificing upper RPM horsepower. Single plane intake is somewhat the opposite as this is creating an effective high RPM power but compromises the torque or at minimum moving peak torque to higher RPM.

Actually, it is a wise decision for you to go for a dual plane intake given that your car’s engine has mild compression with stock camshaft or if it has an automatic transmission, stock torque converter and low gear ratio. On the other hand, if you have a car that has 4.88 gears, high compression, big roller camshaft and loose converter, then you’d do better investing with a single plane manifold like the ones being sold on Full Tilt Performance.

Always take into consideration that the manifolds when installed in the car is a great upgrade and investment however, if you really want to see the true benefits it has to offer, then make sure that it’s the perfect fit to your engine. So visit this site to buy the best truck parts for your truck


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